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Monday, June 28, 2010

Italian Interrogazione

A few questions with Carlo Fiorletta, 

We kick off our first interview with a signore...

Carlo Fiorletta is the president of the Guild of Italian American Actors and an actor in his own rite. He graciously agreed to chat with us over at Italian Scallions, though we've never met. We may be utter strangers, but as Italians, our heritage makes us compatriots,  or "paisanos".

In an interview for a reality show about day trading, which is something Carlo has first hand experience in, he stated that his best friend would call him "loyal", something the Italian people are notorious for taking issue with. Loyalty is a strong topic in Italian films, and real life. As a child, my mother would often stress how vital loyalty was to our well-being.

Here are Carlo's answers to some other pressing issues on our minds. Enjoy!

Carlo Fiorletta

IS: Why have a "guild of Italian actors"?
CF: Born in the 1940s as the Italian Actors Union to protect the rights of Italian speaking actors, we now work to get pay comparable on a daily basis for club dates, college shows, etc for Italians and other ethnicites, since the other ethnic unions no longer exist. 

IS: Who are some of your favorite Italian actors, male and female, living or dead?
CF: Pacino, DeNiro, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollabrigida, Laura San Giocomo, Sylvester StalloneJoe Pantoliano come to mind right away.

IS: What do you think of the Italian stereotypes and images portrayed by Hollywood in films such as Good Fella, Casino and Godfather?
CF: It's a double-edged sword, I have seen in person former Sopranos cast: James Gandofini, Dominic ChianeseVincent PastoreEdie Falco in roles much different that what many people would think of them.  People have to realize it is acting and organized crime has played a part in all ethnicities.

IS: Do you know what part of Italy your ancestry stems from?
CF: Rome, Milan, Sicily, Naples

Ed. Note: I've heard of those parts!

IS: Have you watched "Jersey Shore" and do you have any insight on the show?
CF: Have only seen clips, seems to lack intelligence.
IS: Can you tell us a little about GIAA?
CF: We do readings , help new producers, and act as a focal point to connect the actors with work. 

IS: Where are some other places Italian actors can find support and encouragement besides GIAA?
CF: There is a council of Italian American Organizations. I would start there. Also, the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute. 

IS: A few NYC mayors have been Italian. Do you think that Italians play a vital role in the administration and leadership of NYC?
CF: Certainly.

IS: What are some other roles which Italians strongly represent in and around our city? 
CF: Andrew Cuomo comes right to mind. I am hoping he will be the next governor of New York and possibly president after Obama.
IS: If you could meet any Italian person, living or dead, who would it be?
CF: Leo Buscaglia

IS: Anything else you'd like to say, add or advise in regards to the Italian culture (or something else?)
CF: The food ( pasta e fagioli,pasta, polenta,  cannoli...), the art and science ( Michelangelo, DaVinci, Ferri ) , the music... I was named after Giancarlo Menotti. Also, you might want to mention TONY winner, Mario Fratti, who translated the book for "Nine" the musical (Broadway and movie), and performers Robert Cuccioli and Alessandra Ferri.

IS: Grazie!

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