Thursday, June 17, 2010

This blog is about all the terrific Italian people out there, especially the LADIES. We are not all Good Fellas and Jersey Shore-ites, though I see the appeal. Italians are often spicy, hot blooded, sexy, dramatic and real. We typically like to eat, love, cook, cry and make money. We make for good TV and for good LIFE. But alas, this forum is not about propagating negative stereotypes of Italians or degrading our peeps. This blog is about the wonderful Italian people out there, our culture, our heritage and our world, starting in NYC (where the blog's head writer lives) and expanding ever outward. We will bring you interviews and news, starring our favorite Italian Scallions -- people who make your eyes water, whether they punch you in the nose or move you to tears, either physically or with their sheer brilliance.

Are you an Italian Scallion? Get in touch!

Whether you are fiery, meek, a maniac or a nice home maker, 1/10th% or 110% Italian, we dedicate this blog to all the Italian Scallions of the universe. Happy reading!

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